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Client Reviews

Vaughn Miles

Braden Miles: 

Player for 2013 High School National Championship Team, Lone Peak High School


“My son Braden, who was a senior in high school, has worked with many different sports trainers (basketball and football). All of the sports trainers that he has worked with have been exceptionally skilled in teaching their sport. Each trainer has taught my son many valuable skills, and has helped him greatly with his progression. From the first session that my son had with Shaun, I could tell he not only had the knowledge and expertise to help my son, but more importantly a passion for teaching the sport. I have been able to watch Shaun work with my son for several months now. During that time I have seen from Shaun a real desire to see my son get better, and a trainer that is more concerned about teaching the game than a paycheck. It is not just a job for Shaun.”


“I have also felt that the trainings were highly personalized. Each training session Shaun comes prepared with skill development specifically for my son. Each of the training sessions is based on Shaun’s evaluation of my son from prior sessions, and what he needs to work on. Shaun takes great notes and has a plan for the following session. My son has worked with Shaun on ball handling, offensive skills, and defensive skills. Shaun is an excellent teacher of the game, in terms of diagnosing what needs to be taught, but also how to teach it. Most importantly, Shaun is very personable and relates to my son. My son loves to train with Shaun. He knows that the sessions with Shaun will make a huge difference in his game.”

-Vaughn Miles



Christian, Andrew & Luke


“We have had Shaun coach our three sons weekly for over three years.  I attended the first few lessons to get acquainted with Shaun and how he would instruct the boys.  After a couple sessions I was comfortable that he could be trusted, was knowledgeable about the game, and interacted very well with young boys.  I have noticed significant progress in ball handling and shooting.  All three boys are easily the best players on their teams and really enjoy the instruction and what they have learned.  We are very pleased with the work Shaun has done with them and would recommend him to anyone who wants to see their kids gain confidence in their basketball abilities.”



Aisza Wild

Braxton Wild: Sophmore in High School

“We first found SC Trainings through an ad online, we did some research and found Shaun to be a good fit for the goals we were trying to accomplish with our son, Braxton.  Braxton’s main focus was to gain the skills necessary to compete at the high school level and earn a spot on a team that has several hundred talented teens to choose from.  Not only did we find Shaun to be very dependable and reliable, but he has a passion for and knowledge of the game of basketball unlike anyone I’ve ever met.  In addition to approaching each training session in a very professional manner and teaching valuable tips and techniques, Shaun encourages an enthusiasm for studying the game throughout the week by having Braxton watch various NBA players use the moves Shaun is teaching him.  During his trainings, Shaun is positive, upbeat and inspiring which makes Braxton enjoy learning.  Over the past couple of months working with Shaun, we have seen a phenomenal improvement in Braxton’s skills and confidence.  In a relatively short period of time, Braxton has gained the skills necessary to compete at the high school level and he now feels very confident in his abilities.  I would gladly recommend SC Trainings to anyone that wants to improve their game, thanks Shaun!”

-Aisza Wild